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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Welcome readers to  This website/blog is a new online publication meant to counter the fallacious arguments and inaccuracies found on the suspended Twitter caricature atheist's blog.

This blogger has posted fallacious and inaccurate posts on his blog which he presents as informative. Unfortunately, naive atheists who do not question everything and others visit this blog and are convinced that the information and arguments presented are rational and consistent with science.

However, this is far from the truth.  Most of the content is plagiarized, according to  The splicing of scientific information is distorted in a way to make it agree with the author's opinions which are fallacious.  This is intellectual dishonesty at best.

We hope to educate readers with true and accurate knowledge free of inference by refuting each post "Rubicondior" has posted.  Please feel free to comment and contribute.  This blog welcomes all people of all faiths or no faith.  No one should feel barred from this site or should feel like a pariah.  The purpose of this blog is to inform all about the truth and to refute the lies, fallacies and nonsensical writings from "Rubicondior."

Thankfully, a young Catholic who goes by an online pen name has exposed "Rubicondior" as a fraud seeking donations and as an intellectual coward who ran away from debating him.  This made this "Rubicondior" lose credibility among atheists and has allowed for Twitter to ban him from using their service to promote hate, lies and harassment against theists and even other atheists who questioned his views.  Moreover, this individual uses blogger to harass and post libelous posts and does nothing but make atheism look like high school drama.  

This blog will officially begin its operation on August 20th which is the day that @rosarubicondior was suspended and permanently banned from Twitter,inc.  Please stay tuned!

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